Thank-You Notes

A thank you note is a small token worth very much. Organizations provide thousands of dollars worth of tickets, but it is the thank you note that is most valued. Please have those who go to an event or chaperone write, draw, or create a thank you note.

Submit thank you notes to the ticket donor through The Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation. We will forward these letter to ticket donors and also for possible use in our media or marketing. Anyone who is inspired can submit a thank you, even if it is a parent of a child who attended the event without the parent. We want to know how it affected the child that saw it. The note can take the form of a picture, drawing, poster, banner, painting or a traditional letter.

A personal thank you tell the ticket donor that attending these events is important and makes a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes the thank you notes alone are the reason an organization donates tickets.


  • Should include the donor name (ie name of theatre) and name of Partner Foundation.
  • Mail to The Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation: 5607 E. Horseshoe Road, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
  • Please send within the week after the event.
  • Please include the name and date of the event attended.
  • Please have them be personal and describe how the event made an impact or different in the author or author(s)’ lives