Tickets to events are available through the AJTF for affiliated agencies only. Box offices donate tickets to AJTF to be used specifically by people from the affiliated agencies as well as agency staff necessary to accompany a group.

  1. AJTF expects all Partner Foundation to follow policies:
  2. Only the Foundation contact can request tickets.
  3. Tickets are to be used only by agency members and staff members that are chaperoning. Friends of a member that can afford their tickets are not eligible to receive a ticket.
  4. Tickets are not to be sold or “scalped” in violation of Arizona law.
  5. Wheelchair and Special Seating must be reserved when you make your ticket request so that we can notify the theatre and make sure that they will have the correct seating for the date you requested.

Agencies that disregard any of the above policies will be suspended or put on probation.