Day of Show Guidelines

We understand that many of these families have never been inside of a theatre prior to the day of the event. By giving them some guidance on proper behavior, we can make this experience the best it can be.

  1. Arrive between 25-35 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin. This will allow individuals to find the venue, part and get their tickets and/or seats. Traffic and parking can cause delays. Box offices can reserve the right to turn away ticket holders who arrive once the show begins.
  2. Dress in a manner respectful to self and performers: Do not wear clothing with sayings that might be offensive to others. It is not necessary to purchase dressy clothing, but just dress in a respectful manner.
  3. Stay seated for the entire event, except for intermission. It is offensive to the performers to get up during the event unless it is to use the restroom. However, if you are ill, quietly remove yourself without creating a distraction to the performers and audience.
  4. Quiet, respectful behavior is appreciated. Turn off cell phones and do not text or use social media during the event. Talking, whispering, and unwrapping of candy wrappers are to be at a minimum.
  5. Please respect the food and drink rules of the theatre. Some allow you to bring them in during the show and some require you to deposit them in the trash before entering.
  6. If you enjoyed the performance, please let the performers know by clapping or even sending a note to the performers! Applause is much appreciated by the actors who take so much time and effort to give you a fun or thoughtful experience.