Cancel Tickets

AJTF tickets are not FREE, they are DONATED!

Even if it is at the last minute, a canceled Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation ticket can be sold to the public by the box office. There is NEVER a penalty for being courteous to a theatre donor!!!

We understand that people get ill, car break down and emergencies happen. However, a simple phone call or email can make a world of difference for a theatre donor who relies on ticket sales to keep their theatre going. Please help us help our ticket donors by following our cancellation procedures.

Last-Minute Ticket Cancellation & Unused Ticket Report Form

Please fill out the information below. If you are filling this form out between the hours of 9 AM & 3 PM, Monday-Friday, please call Allyson Primack at 602-481-9697 or email her at She will notify the box office. If you are filling this out for an event that takes place in LESS than 24 hours, please be sure to call the box office at the venue of the event. It is usually easiest to go to and type in the name of the location, the city and the state. Please also be sure to contact your agency about the cancellation.

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