audrey-thumbs-upThe Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit corporation to ensure that all children in Arizona, regardless of their financial situation, can be a part of the magic of live theatre. Audrey believed that every child should have the opportunity to experience a live show. She also believed in the power of children being a part of a production. With the formation of the Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation, our goal is to send children to theatre performances, theatre camps, and workshops around the Valley.

If you are a theatre owner and would like to commit to donating any amount of tickets annually to The Audrey Johnson Foundation, or a spot in any of your spring break or summer camps, or year round classes or workshops, we will include you as a sponsor in all future publications and press events for the foundation. Additionally, if you are a voice, dance, or drama instructor and can donate a few classes to our foundation, we would love to include you as well.

With the cuts to all of the arts programs in public schools in Arizona, it is crucial that we make sure that the next generation will continue to keep live theatre alive in Arizona. This foundation will benefit all of us: theatre owners and theatre lovers. This was always the goal and the dream of our beloved friend Audrey.